Core Services

All our core services deliver invaluable, centralised support to our operations teams, improving operational efficiency and assuring consistent working practices. Each core service provides strength and resource to our business and is instrumental to achieving customer satisfaction. With this our operations team can become an
integral part of the
clients’ team
ensuring certainty
of delivery.

  • Commercial


    Assuring cost certainty

    The Nucom commercial ethos is very simple — no surprises!

    Our experienced commercial department manages all aspects of our business accounts, IT support services, contracts and commercial activities.

    Through their extensive experience within the construction industry, our commercial team work in a collaborative, focused manner to ensure the commercial delivery of every project meets the clients' and professional teams' expectations.

    Our commercial team are well versed in all aspects of the many procurement processes available and pride themselves on being proactive and flexible in managing and assisting the professional team through the commercial journey.

    The success of every project is the collaboration between commercial and operations, to this end our commercial team work closely with the project manager to ensure all commercial and procurement matters are proactively in place to achieve a successful conclusion to every project.

    Mark Hemsley - Commercial Director at Nucom

    Meet our Commercial Director

    Mark Hemsley
  • Design


    Strategic design for smarter workspaces

    Nucom believe that the management and co-ordination of design is at the centre of a successful contract. We establish a clear route through design to construction, effectively structuring the design team, including specialist contractors, to ensure efficient delivery of information to meet the construction requirements.

    Our design co-ordination experience is built on proven techniques and methodologies that enable us to provide optimum solutions. We have developed a robust and scalable initiative, tailored to suit the requirements of any project.

    We have also invested in a specialist design consultant whose expert skills and impressive track record augment our offering and support our operations team to bring clarity and surety to design delivery.

    Richard Newland - Design Consultant at Nucom

    Meet our Design Consultant

    Richard Newland
    “Design once, manufacture once and install once!”
  • QA

    Quality Assurance

    Driving continual improvement

    We are committed to maintaining a robust and effective framework (the Nucom Integrated Management System) through which we can consistently deliver the highest quality projects and services to our clients, a framework which is intended to drive continual improvement throughout the organisation; positively enhancing client satisfaction and addressing the needs of other relevant stakeholders.

    We are proud to be ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 registered, which enables us to control and deliver the highest quality service with greater collaboration between our quality, business continuity and environmental teams. Our Quality Assurance team have the responsibility of implementing and embedding our Integrated Management System, which ensures our services are “fit for purpose” and “right first time”.

    “The Quality Assurance Department show robust management of the IMS and a clear commitment to continual improvement of the business.”
    Audit Report

    Endorsed by our accreditations

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    Rob Dunne - QA Manager at Nucom

    Meet our QA Manager

    Rob Dunne
  • H&S and Sustainability

    Health and Safety

    See it, sort it, report it!

    Our vision is to be recognised for excellence in our approach to health and safety and we work with our people, sub-contractors, clients and partners to embed a positive safety culture within all operational areas.

    Acknowledging that safety performance is fundamental to the overall success of our organisation, our goal is to eliminate the potential risks and ensure all our operations staff go home safely at the end of every day.

    We have a rigorous H&S policy and audit program which is crucial to our business and we are proud of our impressive H&S statistics.


    Building towards a sustainable future

    At Nucom we are passionate about embedding a sustainable culture within all operational areas.

    Our long term goal is to deliver projects and services with minimal environmental footprint and we have established an approach that encourages ‘sustainable behaviours’ and minimises disturbances to our site neighbours too.

    We also strive to give back to the communities in which we work and have developed relationships with several charities.

    Tree Nation Co2 neutral badge

    The Forest of Nucom

    As part of our goal to build a sustainable future, we have planted trees with Tree Nation to help offset the carbon we produce on our sites. Tree Nation are dedicated to tackling deforestation as a result of climate change. Please join us in watching our trees grow.

    “I am writing to thank you for your generous donation to the Scout Group.

    The Scout Group was restarted in September 2014. Over the last three years the Scout Group has grown from nothing to 26 Beavers, 29 Cubs and 3 Scouts covering both boys and girls. We have a total of 7 leaders and a working Executive Committee. We have a waiting list for the two younger sections and have just opened the Scout section so that we can grow these numbers as our current members get older.

    Your donation will help us to purchase more equipment to help us go camping, provide more outdoor games and sports and expand the activities we can do.

    Once again, I would like to thank you for your donation which is greatly appreciated.”

    Andrew Taylor
    Acting Group Scout Leader
    Alan Fitchett - H&S consultant at Nucom

    Meet our H&S consultant

    Alan Fitchett
  • Pre-Construction


    Creating bespoke proposals

    Finding and delivering the best solutions for our clients is the focus of our pre-construction department. At Nucom we work towards the client’s objectives from the earliest point in the development process and are committed to adding value by ensuring all projects are functionally and financially viable.

    Our pre-construction team are responsible for coordinating the development of all our tender proposals. They work together with the client to help deliver a proposal that is thoroughly detailed and designed for optimum construction strategy and plan of work.

    All our proposals are bespoke and tailored to the individual needs of each client, containing focused and project specific information, demonstrating what sets us apart.

    Paul Lyons - Pre-Construction Director at Nucom

    Meet our Pre-Construction Director

    Paul Lyons
  • People


    Investing in talent

    Nucom's success is driven by the success of our people. Our dedicated People Partner is focused on creating a culture that is open and friendly and one that supports all our employees to develop new skills and create their own success.

    Our People Partner helps advise our management team on people strategy, recruitment and HR matters, but is ultimately focused on our employee's wellbeing and development.

    We believe in providing 100% of our employees with a defined career path. When our people feel valued and supported it enables them to deliver the very best for our clients.

    We are poised for growth and always on the lookout for ambitious individuals to help innovate and expand our team.

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    Lakshmi Raman - People Partner at Nucom

    Meet our People Partner

    Lakshmi Raman